ATTK Build Ver: GUID retrieval tool
Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit
To collect suspicious files and relevant information
Quick Collector(32bit) [File size ≒ 3 MB]
Quick Collector(64bit) [File size ≒ 4 MB]
To Scan and Clean malicious threats
- For computer with internet connection
Online Scan / Clean Tool (32bit) [File size ≒ 23 MB]
Online Scan / Clean Tool (64bit) [File size ≒ 24 MB]
- For computer without internet connection
Offline Scan / Clean Tool (32bit) [File size ≒ 43 MB]
Offline Scan / Clean Tool (64bit) [File size ≒ 44 MB]
To collect the Ransomware sample
Ransomware Collector (32bit) [File size ≒ 9 MB]
Ransomware Collector (64bit) [File size ≒ 10 MB]
Anti-Threat Toolkit (ATTK) Data Collection Disclosure
The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network is a next generation
cloud-client content security infrastructure desinged to deliver
proactive protection against the latest threats
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